Game Collection

  • Retravengence

  • Orbit Commander

  • Temple Of The Sun

  • Stranded @ Station 4

  • College Graduate Simulator

  • The Oracle Trials

  • CyberFunk

  • Project Null Terminator

  • Glitch Breaker

  • Dungeon Manager

  • Lootquest

  • Project Arrow

  • Descension

  • College Student Simulator

  • Digital Demon

  • Cow Quest: God Slayer


  • Barnout

  • Sterling's Engine

  • Recolored

  • Lone Spooky Space Ranger

  • Cataclysm

  • Oasis Engine

  • Ad Nauseum

  • Siege of Arrolith

  • Breaking Out Bradley

  • Bubble Explosion Chronicles

  • Comet-Kaze

  • Darklight II

  • Energy Falcon

  • Get Rekhid Lite

  • Orbital Drift

  • Quest For The Abacus

  • Rainmire

  • Spookeo And Fariette

  • Try And Stop Me

  • Tiny Dragon

  • Safe Crackers

  • Darklight II

  • Castle Climber

  • Barnyard

  • Astral Titans

  • Insectics

  • Dolphin Rampage

  • Tronh

  • Down Under

  • Wolf Simulator 2015

  • Super Music Quest

  • Harmonic

  • Demon Tower

  • Towing Truck Simulator

  • BnH

  • Dropship

  • Dark Light

  • Beyond Space

  • Copper Rush

  • Towing Simulator

  • Flowmentum

  • Escape

  • Fit A Shape

  • Tesseract

  • Shrapnel

  • Gauntlets

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    Shattered Reality


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  • name - Art
  • name - Sound
  • name - Programmer
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  • name - Programmer

Pirate King: Retravengeance

Our Protagonist is stuck on an island after the mysterious Pirate King of this land raising the ship, and causing our Protagonist to abandon ship. Due to the accident, our Protagonist has been injured and has limited movement.

Team 1
  • Paul Wrubel
  • Maddie LeClair
  • Crystal Fletcher
  • Brandon Paupore
  • Andrew Stanley
  • Drew Stockero - Sound Designer

Orbit Commander

2D, top-down, multiplayer space shooter.

Team 2
  • Vincent McClintock - Team Lead/Programmer
  • Sydney Micklas - Art/Programmer
  • Christian LaCourt - Programmer/Sound
  • Parker Ackerman - Programmer
  • Lawton Stone - Programmer
  • Sagar Rafai - Sound Designer

Temple of the Sun

A lighthearted 3D platformer in the vein of classics like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Control Reggie the Tiger as you search for the treasure of the hidden Temple of the Sun, before Foxtail, your rival adventurer, gets to it first! He will try to slow you down along the way, too.

Team 3
  • Evan Overweg - Team Leader, Designer, Programmer
  • Michael Spoehr - Programmer, Designer
  • Abri Ingrassia - Artist, Designer
  • Christian Clemmons - Designer, Programmer
  • Riley Mulford - Programmer, Designer
  • Drew Stockero - Sound Designer

Stranded at Station 4

You and your crew just crash at an old Asteroid Mining Station. With no knowledge of its layout, you search for a way to escape. But you quickly come to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Team 4
  • Justin Cain - Team Lead and Programmer
  • Richy Carpenter - UI Design and Programmer
  • Dalton Aird - Art
  • Kurtis Fisher - Data Structures
  • Roge’ Kuntz - Programmer
  • Dan Schuen - Programmer
  • Maddie Hunt - Sound Designer

College Graduate Simulator

Game is built to use the Oculus Rift VR setup with the player grabbing things within the level to cook food and move around. The premise of our game is that a recent college graduate comes to the sad realization that their degree is worth nothing and they must now repay their loans by working a fast-food restaurant in space.

Team 5
  • Daniel Knenlein – Team Lead, Level Design, 3D Modeling
  • Brendan Maletski – Programmer
  • Stephen Ogden – Programmer
  • Ben Layle – Artist, Level Design, 3D Modeling
  • Sarah Calvert – Sound Design, Video Editing

The Oracle Trials

Being continued in Spring 2019.

Team 6
  • Marissa Walther
  • Dominic Misuraca
  • Rachel Xiao
  • Levi Bills
  • Colin Arkens
  • Nate Blichfeldt
  • Maddy Hunt - Sound


2.5-D futuristic roguelike shooter. The game is meant to harness the lost art of local arcade games, by having a bright color palette, bumpin' music, and quick gameplay. The objective of the game is to get as far up into the tower as you can before you die, collecting weapons and power-ups to make your life easier.

Team 7
  • Noah de Longpre' -Team Lead and Programmer
  • Alec Rivet - Programmer
  • Alec Rospierski - Programmer
  • Jason Bricco - Programmer
  • Kristian Rapa - Programmer
  • Maddie Steger - Art

Project Null Terminator

A 2D platformer inspired by Super Mario Brothers. Ojective is to reach end of level.

Team 8
  • Jordan Gunning – Team Manager, General Programmer
  • Ethan Manarin – General Programmer
  • Tristan Sorensen – General Programmer
  • Andy Nguyen – Artwork Design
  • Derek Gregg – General Programmer
  • Kyle Alberth – General Programmer

Glitch Breaker

Glitch Breaker is a top-down stealth game where the player must identify an android amongst a group of humans and discreetly kill the android. The player must stealthily navigate the level while searching for the android and can detect the android based on its actions during the level.

Team 9
  • Crystal Massoglia - Team Lead/Artist
  • Nic Fosdick - Gameplay Programmer
  • Kyler Schmidt - Level Design/Programmer
  • Christina Anderson - Gameplay Programmer
  • Andrew Merdzinski - UI Programmer
  • Ryan Cote - Level Design/Artist

Dungeon Manager

Greetings and welcome new employee to Magical Management! The game you are about to play (or have already played) is called Dungeon Manager. We were going to make a game called "Dungeon Hero", but unfortunately that version is only available for pengwins as of right now. The game is quite simple, all you have to go is guide a pengwin (yes that's pengwin with a 'W') through a series of dungeons riddled with traps and poor lighting.

Team 10
  • Amanda Charboneau - Art, Team Lead
  • Doug Ferriby- Level Design, Programmer
  • Joshua Fosdick- Animations, Programmer
  • Brandon Johnson- Lighting, Sounds, Programmer
  • Josh Kiger - Level Design, UI
  • Sarah Calvert - Sound Designer

Lootquest: Depths of Koderia

You are an adventurer who has come to Koderia to seek fame and fortune. Recently, monsters have become emboldened and are venturing out of the depths and are terrorizing the villagers all throughout the island. The Elders of Koderia have tasked you to enter the caves, slay the beasts, and return Koderia to its former glory!

Team 11
  • Steven Bollnow - Programmer
  • Keven Cornell - Programmer
  • Zach Dill - Artist
  • Nicholas Hamilton - Team Lead / Programmer
  • Sagar Rafai - Sound Team
  • Sam Stevenson - Programmer
  • Doogie Warner - Programmer
  • Sarah Calvert - Sound Designer

Project Arrow

A 3D mobile runner game developed for Android phones. Dodge Arrows and Logs and pick up Health and Coins to acheive your highest score.

PC: Left and right arrow keys switch lanes. Spacebar to jump. Spacebar mid-air to fast fall.
Android: Swipe left or right to switch lanes. Swipe up to jump. Swipe down mid-air to fast fall.

PC: Simply launch the executable
Android: Install the .apk on your Android device and launch the app

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Team Project Arrow
  • Vincent McClintock - Team Lead/Programmer
  • Max Faust - Art/Graphics
  • Alec Rivet - Sound
  • Noah de Longpre' - Programmer
  • Stephen Colegrove - Programmer/Graphics
  • Doogie Warner - Programmer
  • Nathan Zurcher - Semester 1 Team Lead/Programmer

DESCENSION: a typical tuesday

Descencion is a top-down bullet-hell game with some puzzle aspects. The main character is a grimy little robot called "Unit-U" or "U" for short. U did something to enrage the robot mafia, and now they must escape from the rooftop of the mafia's headquarters by fighting their way to the ground floor.
The floors are randomly generated by an algorithm developed for the game. The algorith always makes sure that there is a clear path to the next floor. To complete the story mode version of this game you must find a key to unlock the barricaded stairs and complete 20 consecutive levels. In Endless mode there is no other goal than to see how long you can survive.

Tox Typewriter font from created by junkohanhero Ambient city noise by "Partners in Rhyme" - Downloaded from

Out of respect for the developers please do not attempt to sell this game, copy, trace, or redistribute the art, or reuse the code in any way to make profit.

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Team Descension
  • Jo Taylor - Team Lead/Artist/Animator
  • Christina Anderson - Programmer
  • Brandon Paupore - Programmer
  • Anthony Stanley - Programmer
  • Codey Walker - Programmer
  • Paul Wrubel - Programmer
  • Steven Klier - Music/Sound Designer

College Student Simulator

Mouse and Keyboard - Just click things, and if that doesn't work, click something else.
Start starts the game, Quit quits it
Keep an eye on your exhaustion, when it reaches 100 you can't do anything else for the day and need to go on to the next day.
Always remember to maintain the High Ground.

  • thumbnail
Team High Ground
  • Jace Lutey - Team Lead/Programmer
  • Daniel Saltzmann - Programmer
  • Christian Clemmons - Programmer
  • Elizabeth Zeck - Programmer
  • Evan Overweg - Programmer
  • Emily Winkleman - Art
  • Devin Deal - Sound/Music

No Download Available

Digital Demon

Q,W,E,R - Hit notes
Left, Right Arrow - Switch Actions
ESC (in game) - return to menu

  • thumbnail
Team Digital Demon
  • Jeremy M. Barker
  • Nic Fosdick
  • Josh Kiger
  • Jacob Gust
  • Riley Mulford
  • Andy Merdinzski
  • Jordon Gagnon

Cow Quest: God Slayer

WASD or ARROW KEYs: move left or right
MOUSE: select prompts, advance through dialogue
F: special attack
ESC: menu

  • thumbnail
Team Cow Quest
  • Marissa Walther - Team Lead/Programmer/Artist/Writer
  • Catherine Steigerwald - Programmer/Artist/Writer
  • Eli Hovis - UI Programmer/Editor
  • Sydney Micklas - Artist/Programmer
  • Brady Bilderback - Programmer
  • Collin Walker - AI/Environment Programmer

BOT.NET is a top-down, wave-based, survival shooter. It features inventory management, crafting and item progression. The base gameplay of our game will have you controlling your character and defending yourself from hordes of enemies. While collecting supplies to buy new weapons, you will progress through waves to increase your score and face tougher enemies. The combat will be that of a twin-stick shooter, like Helldivers. The player will be able to utilize a variety of weapons to defend themselves which can be acquired by both crafting and enemy drops. The current goal of the player is to make it pass as many waves as possible without dieing.

  • thumbnail
  • Ronald Liu - Team Lead/Programmer
  • Michael Gryzwa - Team Lead/Programmer/3D Modeling
  • Jessie Moore - Programmer/3D Modeling and Animations
  • Doug Ferriby - Programmer
  • Nick Cecconi - Sound Design
  • Daniel Schuen - Programmer
  • Evan Ronnei - Programmer
  • Joseph Pietrzyk - Programmer


In Barnout, 2-4 players will compete in minigames. The better a player does in the minigame, the earlier they will get to choose from the pool of randomly selected powerups with varying amounts of uses.

After minigames, all players will compete in a 3 lap race. The race ends when the second to last person finishes their third lap.

  • thumbnail
Team Barnout
  • Alex Borman - Team Lead/Terrain and Gameplay Programmer
  • Brandon Johnson - Physics and Logic Programmer
  • Will Collicott - Gameplay Programmer/QA
  • Joshua Fosdick - Flow and Gameplay Programmer
  • Michael Maple - Sound Designer/Editor
  • Tyler Eichten - Graphics and UI Programmer/Artist

Sterling's Engine

Thanks for your interest in Sterlings Engine, a 2D turn-based tactical war game.

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Team Sterling's Engine
  • Derrick Smith
  • Jacob Wolosheck
  • Colin Hogue
  • Erik Skogfeldt


Recolored is a first person puzzle game about manipulating color.

Used WASD to move both a first person character as well as move on grids.

Clicking on a grid lets you focus on it (and movement changes). Press space to back away from the grid.
Holding down the click button lets you draw lines on the grid.

  • thumbnail
Team Recolored
  • Justin Cain
  • Jacob Paivarinta
  • Richard Carpenter
  • Drew Stockero
  • Bryce Ingersoll
  • Roge' Kuntz

Lone Spooky Space Ranger

Stealth survival game. Avoid being detected by robots. Try not to die.

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Team Lone Spooky Space Ranger
  • Brendan Maletski - Team Lead/Programmer
  • Sean McGowan - Programmer/Level Designer
  • Amanda Charboneau - Art/Trailer/Menu Design
  • Gio Batista-Lopez - User Interface
  • Devin Deal - Sound Design
  • Dylan Gaines - AI Programmer


Begin your journey of feline revenge against mythical creatures in this turn based combat game!

Click an attack to inflict pain on your enemy.

Yellow bar: armor
Red bar: health

  • thumbnail
Team Cataclysm
  • Emily Winkleman - Team Lead/Artist
  • Christian LaCourt - Programmer
  • Sydney Micklas - Artist
  • Sarah Calvert - Sound Design
  • Robin Kerr - Programmer
  • Kirstin Burns - Programmer

Oasis Engine

This is a demo application showing the current capabilities of Oasis Engine. The demo allows you to move through infinite procedurally generated terrain, with trees, houses, and towers.

  • thumbnail
Team Oasis
  • Nicholas Hamilton

Ad Nauseum

Team Fyve
  • Jordan Gagnon - Team Lead
  • Alex Roberts - Art
  • Devin Deal - Sound
  • Zac Paris - Programmer
  • Nic Fosdick - Programmer
  • James Turkette - Programmer

Siege of Arrolith

  • thumbnail
Team Arrolith
  • Kalin R. Hanninen - Team Lead, Art & Design
  • Dylan C. Gaines - Mechanics Programming
  • Tyler L. Eichten - Graphics & Interface Programming, Logo Art
  • Zachary M. Johnson - Design & Balance Testing

Breaking Out Bradley

  • thumbnail
Team Breaking Out Bradley
  • Jeremy M. Barker - Team Lead, Programmer, Artwork
  • Grant Buhl - Programmer
  • Richard Carpenter - Programmer
  • Michael Glazier - Programmer
  • Brett Kriz - Programmer
  • Michael Bandrowski - Programmer

Bubble Explosion Chronicles

  • thumbnail
Team Bubble Explosion Chronicles
  • Justin Regina - Team Leader
  • Maddie LeClair - Art/Story
  • Kyle Koonce - Art/Level creation
  • Nathan Zurcher - Programmer


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Team Comet-Kaze
  • Joseph Ryan - Team Lead and Developer
  • Emily Winlkeman - Designer
  • Drew Stockero - Audio Designer
  • Joshua Fosdick - Developer
  • Matt Dean-Hall - Developer

Darklight II

  • thumbnail
Team Darklight II
  • Stephen Colegrove - Team Lead
  • Devin Deal - Sound
  • Evan Ronnei - Programmer
  • Max Faust - Programmer
  • Zachariah Phillips - Programmer

Energy Falcon

  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Energy Falcon
  • Dante Paglia - Team Lead, Programmer
  • Brendan Maletski - Art
  • Brandon Johnson - Programmer
  • Joshua Bauer - Programmer

Get Rekhid Lite

  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Get Rekhid Lite
  • Sarah Curtis - Team Lead
  • Catherine Steigerwald - Art
  • S. Andee Anderson - Art
  • Jonah Mueller - Sound
  • Alex Borman - Programmer
  • Lucus Bauder - Programmer
  • Jeffrey Spragg - Contributers
  • Tory Taggart - Contributers
  • Brian Ferus - Contributers

Orbital Drift

Team Orbital Drift
  • Miles Martin
  • Luke Johnson
  • Amanda Charboneau
  • Michael LeCaptain
  • Devin Deal

Quest For The Abacus

  • thumbnail
Team Abacus
  • Tommy Stuart - Team Lead, Sprite Artist
  • Nicholas Hamilton - Engine Programmer, Game Programmer, Sprite Artist
  • Adrian Felder - Game Programmer
  • Ryan Brendel - Sound Design, Game Programmer
  • Eli Hovis - Sound Design, Commercial Producer
  • Jacob Gust - Sound Design


  • thumbnail
Team Rainmire
  • Joachim Wright - Programming / Team Lead
  • Riley Mulford - Art
  • Sarah Anderson - Art
  • Jonah Mueller - Sound
  • Ben Denys - Programmer
  • Jace Lutey - Programmer

Spookeo And Fariette

Team Spookeo And Fariette
  • No Team Members Listed

Try And Stop Me

  • thumbnail
Team Try And Stop Me
  • Ronald Liu - Former Team Lead
  • Jesse Moore - Team Lead
  • BJ Kent
  • Micheal Gryzwa
  • Andrew Fox
  • Grayson Briggs
  • Justin Cain

Tiny Dragon

Team Dat.Ratio
  • Sam Wronski - Team Lead
  • Amanda Charbonneau - Team Lead / Art
  • Daniel Saltzmann - Programmer
  • Bret Kriz - Programmer
  • Jace Lutey - Programmer

Safe Crackers

Team Safe Crackers
  • Members Not Listed in Submission

Darklight II

Team Darklight II
  • Stephen Colegrove - Team Lead
  • Evan Ronnei
  • Max Faust-Smith
  • Codey Walker
  • Zachariah Phillips
  • Devin Deal - Sound Team

Castle Climber

Team Castle Climber
  • Members Not Listed in Submission


Alright, our game is Barnyard Explosion! It’s a crazy battle to the death with barnyard animals. You will be able to punch, jump, shoot, and drop/pickup items. This game is meant to be played on Xbox 360 controllers, but there are rudimentary controls on a full QWERTY keyboard. Also currently we only have support for all 4 players only. Extra players can be ignored in the case of having less than 4 players. Player 1 has to navigate the Main Menu or use the mouse. Enjoy!

Team Barnyard
  • Eric Celerin – Programmer/Team Lead
  • Ronald Liu – Programmer
  • Colin Hague – Artist
  • Michael Gryzwa – Artist
  • Andrew Fox – Artist
  • Trevor Hamilton – Previous Team Lead/Old Project Programmer

Astral Titans

Astral Titans is a 2D grid-based strategy game, where two human players take control of armies to defeat each other's mobile base in varying terrain.

Team Very Sad Lava Exponents
  • Mathew Kloepfer
  • Miles Martin
  • Joshua Hooker
  • Matthew Kersten
  • Benjamin Denys


Team Insectics
  • Vincent Druschke - Team Lead/Game Design Lead/Programmer
  • Steven Tracy - Programmer/Unit Design
  • Catherine Steigerwald - Lead Artist/Level Design Lead/Programmer
  • Leah Teng - Programmer
  • Nathan Zurcher - Programmer

Dolphin Rampage

Team Dolphin Rampage
  • Members Not Listed in Submission

Down Under

Team Down Under
  • Members Not Listed in Submission


Team Trohn
  • Sachin Fernandes - Team Leader/Programmer
  • Daniel "Doogie" Warner - Programmer
  • Ajay Vasu - Programmer
  • De'Shawn Presley - Graphical Design Artist/Programmer
  • Jacob Gust - Audio Producer

Beyond Space

Our game is a space shooter that is influenced by Galaga and Asteroids. Your ship has heavy momentum and can wrap around the screen while firing up-gradable bullets. The enemy ships try to chase you down and destroy your high score! Try and survive the onslaught and beat your friends!

  • thumbnail
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Team Beyond Space
  • Kyler Witting
  • Trevor Hamilton
  • Tory Taggart
  • Alex McInerney
  • Stephen Colegrove

Dark Light

Team Dark Light
  • Max Faust-Smith
  • Charlie Heckel
  • David Mohrhardt
  • Evan Ronnei
  • Derek Wing


Dropship is a classic arcade game to be played with a joystick and three buttons. In the game you control a dropship that is able to shoot an assortment of different projectiles. Across the level there is an opposing dropship and it is your job to destroy it before it destroys you. As you play and win you progress further onto harder and harder levels. Not only should you be completing the levels by destroying the enemy dropship, you should be attempting to do it in as few shots as possible. The best scores are kept and the person who finishes all the levels and in the fewest number of shots will claim the top spot on the leader board.

  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail/
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Team Dropship
  • Dan Stahl
  • Catherine Steigerwald
  • Codey Walker
  • Quincy Howe
  • Eric Widmann


Team BnH
  • Johnathen Booth
  • Alexander Looper
  • Brandon Kuchnicki
  • Mike Glazier
  • David Yaden
  • Vincent Ader
  • Jeff Spragg

Chrysler Towing Simulator

Towing truck simulator is a game with two parts. One part is a side scrolling timed run where you drive a Dodge Ram truck and overcome the terrain while keeping to the speed limit and avoiding brake overheating. In the other part you drive a similar truck and attempt to back your trailer into a specific area while avoiding obstacles.

  • thumbnail
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  • thumbnail
Team Chrysler
  • Marco Cufar
  • Chetan Kumar Chaurasiya
  • Emily Brooks
  • Zach Phillips
  • Shawn Kaschner

Demon Tower

Team Demon Tower
  • Bret Miller
  • Thomas Black
  • Jacob Charles
  • Matthew Johnson
  • D'mitri Williams


Waking up in a strange world where music is power, two musicians must work together to find their way. Harmonic provides a unique blend of puzzle and precision platforming, challenging the player to coordinate both musicians as they solve puzzles. Solve puzzles, match beats, duel bosses, and overcome all obstacles in Harmonic!

  • thumbnail
Team Harmonic
  • Corey Bilski
  • Vince Druschke
  • Jace Lutey
  • Jesse Moore
  • Luke Pasma
  • Jonathan Pentis


Team Mel Visser
  • Nathan Zurcher
  • Colin Hogue
  • Taylor Jakobson
  • Kyle Mills
  • John Thomas


Team PLC
  • Chris Wallis
  • Neil McEachin
  • Utkarsh Mishra
  • Mitchell Paris


Team Secret
  • Kaylee Edwards
  • Rory Straubel
  • Mike Caren

Super Music Quest

Super music quest is a top down dungeon crawler inspired by the Legend of Zelda franchise. The game is set in a world where the environment is influenced by mystical instruments. Something went wrong and the instruments got mixed up, and are causing all sorts of mayhem. It is up to you, the Hero, to fix the world.

  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Super Music Quest
  • Eric Zimmer
  • Colton Dibbs
  • Brett Kriz
  • Tyler Strong
  • Steven Tracey

Wolf Simulator 2015

A simple survival game with Oculus Rift support. You play as a wolf hunting rabbits, but watch out for those kill-stealing bears. Catch as many rabbits as possible before time runs out!

  • thumbnail
Team Wolf Simulator
  • Sam Seltzer-Johnston
  • Sam Wronski
  • Cole Salmi
  • Mike Drogowski

Copper Rush

Prospectors is a game based on the mining life of Houghton Michigan and it's famous Copper Mines. You'll take control of team of miners and face real challenges of the time, struggle as they struggled and survive as they survived. Will you bring in enough money to build the town up as it was done back then?

  • thumbnail
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Team Copper Coders
  • Mitchel Davis
  • Johnathen Booth
  • Brandon Kuchnicki
  • Quincy Howe
  • David Yaden

Chrysler Towing Simulator

Chrysler Towing Simulator is a side-scrolling, truck driving game that is being sponsored by Chrysler. The goal of the game is to obtain the highest score possible by making as much progress through randomly generated levels in a limited time frame. In the future, Chrysler Towing Simulator plans to have the option for truck customization, different trailer choices, and different mini games to show off a variety of Ram brand truck features.

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  • thumbnail
Team Chrysler
  • Corey Bilski
  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Ben Frisbie
  • Bradly Ross
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Dean Frisbie
  • Luke Pasma
Download for Android


Rushle, the slime who wanted to go fast, has built himself a space suit from an old lightbulb. Help Rushle escape the caves and find his place in the galaxy! Drawing gameplay elements from both Metroidvania and Infinite Runner genres, Flomentum demands not only a sense of exploration and puzzle solving, but also quick reflexes and good timing to properly master!

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  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Gr8
  • Kelly Helhowski
  • Mitchell Barlett
  • Stephen Danowitz
  • Cullen VanderWood
  • Christopher Dominowski


As an up-and-coming television star, you've always wanted to impress and finally make your way to the big screen. When your "big break" comes in the form of a ghost busting tv series, you are eager to get started. You had no idea what this entailed.

Now trapped in by the ghost you were supposed to prove didn't exist, you have to try to find your way out--even if it means convincing the other ghostly residents to help you.

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Team Escape
  • Nicole Schlorke
  • Marco Cufar
  • Samuel Seltzer-Johnsteon
  • Connor Wlodarczak
  • Julio Reyes-Lopez

Fit A Shape

FitAShape is currently a single player game where the player has to move their body in order to meet the orientation specified by the game. Vicon Tracker streams the location of the player's hands and feet during game-play and allows for real time full-body input. The game becomes a test of physical fitness and reaction time as the player has to meet ever-decreasing time suspenses.

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Team Rocket
  • Taylor Morris
  • Brent Nix
  • Kyle Mills
  • Trent Chamberline
  • Colin Hogue


Tesseract is a fast paced geometry based bullet hell. Featuring unique and difficult enemies with a series of upgrades. Dodge the explosive bombers or the barrage of bullets of the snipers to make it to the boss and complete each level. Collect the enemies sides in order to upgrade your weapons, improve your speed or increase your health.

  • thumbnail
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  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Tesseract
  • Samuel Wronski
  • Micah Kempf
  • Thomas Black
  • Kyle Timmerman
  • Charles Kralapp


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Team Shrapnel
  • Jacob Waterman
  • Rex Baumeister
  • John Bork
  • Neal Johnson


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  • thumbnail
Team Block Party
  • John Thomas
  • Emily Brooks
  • Taylor Jakobson
  • Dmitri Williams
  • Connor Meade

Shattered Reality

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  • thumbnail
  • thumbnail
Team Perception
  • Jonathan Enderby
  • John Coffman
  • Jordan Gedney
  • William Wallace
  • Mackenzie Reid