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Husky Game Development (HGD) has been developing dozens of games for computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones since 2004.

HGD is part of the Michigan Tech Enterprise Program, a group of organizations where students make decisions regarding real-world projects in a business-like learning environment. HGD is interested in developing new industry connections and creating games for any company or organization. Game development takes more than just enthusiastic programmers—it also requires the dedication of audio and visual artists, project managers, and most importantly, someone with a story or idea. Husky Games has a strong history of bringing these people together and challenging them to refine an initial idea into a full-blown, immersive and interactive experience.

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In 2011, Husky Games released Arcane Brawlers for Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live online store. Arcane Brawlers is a fast-paced multiplayer game where up to four players compete in an arena-style battle. In the same year, HGD created a complex 3D environment for an artificial intelligence programming competition at Michigan Tech (pictured at right). In the 2009 and 2010 school year, HGD created a training simulation designed to teach ROTC cadets basic field tactics, movement, and mission protocols. HGD has experience with a diverse set of programming languages (including Java, C, C++, C#, Flash, and JavaScript) and other gaming-related technologies (including Unity 3D, Xbox, Xbox Kinect, OpenGL, DirectX, Android smartphone).

HGD is managed by six dedicated undergraduate students who work with guidance from Prof. Scott Kuhl. Similar to a real business, HGD management determines which projects to pursue, selects a leader who is responsible for each project, and selects students to work on each project based on individual skills and interests.

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